About Us

We are undergraduate students who have formed a virtual company of American and international students focused on securing the future through thoughtful use of technology. Our student-led virtual company combines a rich educational experience in engineering design, team building, project management, and original product development. We are working to develop security solutions for people in their homes, for local governments to protect their communities, for industries to protect their workers and their infrastructure, and for international markets. Additionally, we are developing initiatives in environmental monitoring and industrial process control. We have over 50 students participating in a wide variety of projects. Our engineering and product development teams fall into two major business areas - industry sponsored R&D and commercial product development. Within these two areas we have several projects underway across a variety of technology areas.

Blue Marble Security Buisness Model

Acquire R&D contracts to generate cash flow to support original product development for world markets. Spin off new Enterprises, new businesses, and new products as rapidly as possible. R&D contracts always include cash performance bonus pools for successful teams. The goals for original product development include generation of royalties for both the students and Michigan Tech.

Professional Development Goals

Develop a student-owned Enterprise culture that fosters high professional standards, creativity, productivity, and a burning desire to learn. We intend for our graduates to be ready for the world's most challenging careers as they complete the Enterprise Program. Attract industry and government partners who can benefit from teaming on design, prototype, or test of new ideas and new products. Our intent is to create win-win partnerships – we′ll work hard to return far more benefits than we receive.

Contact Us

We strongly encourage people with questions about Blue Marble to contact us. Whether you are a Michigan Tech student who is thinking about joining us or if you just want to learn more about Blue Marble and what the enterprise program has to offer feel free to contact any of the people below. If you are a business who wants to become a partner with Blue Marble, we are also excited to talk about partnerships and give tours of our program.

  • Advisor: Glen Archer - gearcher@mtu.edu
  • President: Rachel Savat - rasavat@mtu.edu
  • VP of Operations: Josiah Richards - jjrichar@mtu.edu
  • VP of Public Relations: Kelsey Robinson - kcrobins@mtu.edu
  • VP of Communications: Shaun Flynn - swflynn@mtu.edu
  • VP of Legendary: Cristina Reyes - careyes@mtu.edu
  • Lab Manager: Christian Baker - cjbaker1@mtu.edu